We teach a wide array of subjects from
piano, guitar, violin, brass, drums, music theory,
orchestration, songwriting, music notation, recording and more.
Trial Lessons

At our first meeting, we take time to get to know the student's needs. The trail lesson is free of charge. It is our gift to you for contacting us. Our lessons include young and adult students of all levels. We teach at any age level and offer special musical training for adults.


Piano Lessons

We teach beginner, intermediate and advance levels. Our piano lessons include: classical, jazz, pop, and playing songs. The following videos are some of our students who studied with us for only 4 years. They started as absolute beginners. 

Theory, composition, orchestration

We believe that without theory lessons, the students can not be trained to be great pianists. Our students have participated in various exams, such as Certificate of Merit, Royal and AP music theory. For our adult students, we offer advance theory, composition and orchestration lessons.

Singing & Songwriting

Singing is the basis of our teaching. It helps the students to hear better and play better. Students gradually develop their artistic inclination for writing their compositions and songs.

Transcribing Music

(musicianship & ear training)

We hava transcribed numerous works ranging from solo instrumentations to full orchestrations. We challenge our students to transcribe harmonies. This is our method of ear training for our more advanced music students.

Printing Music

This video demonstrates a few samples of our printing skills. We’ve been using Sibelius for over 10 years both for students and professionals. We are experts in notating and printing professional or student quality scores suitable for submission to top music conservatories. Our reproductions include piano/ensemble music, film scores, and contemporary classical music with advanced notation.


We arrange musical pieces into piano duets to play along with students. We diversify from standard methods of arranging music to bring variety and color in the learning processes based on students’ abilities. Knowing the levels of our students, we arrange music based on their individual needs. This also inspires our students to practice.

Music History

We strongly believe and encourage music history in our piano lessons. Educating students on a brief history of the composers and the pieces they want to learn, opens up their ears and aptitude for learning.  A concise history on the composer, texture, and the form of the music teaches students to approach a musical piece more intellectually. We even carry on this teaching method at our student recitals so the parents could be also inspired.