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Sebastian Hannson
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Sebastian Hansson was born in Horby, Sweden. He’s been making music since the age of thirteen and moved to California in 2012 to pursue his music career. When he moved to California, he began his career with his manager, Kenny Kerner. He was in numerous bands playing the guitar and doing vocals until he decided to take on the singer/songwriter journey after his manager passed away. Sebastian has graduated the Musician’s Institute with an Associates Degree in Guitar and Independent Artist as well as successfully graduated UCLA and music at OCC. Some of the venues he has played are House Of Blues, KB, and Debaser in Sweden. Sebastian has toured and worked with successful artists around the globe, including Emblem3, Maty Noyes, and Randy Jackson.

Videos of Sebastian Hannson

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Sebastian Hannson's videos

Smile (The Joker)
In Loving Memory (cover)
Billie Jean "Acapella Cover" (cover)
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