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Inspirational videos of our students
Professional videography
Vivi Ni, our student of 4.5 years, has outdone herself pianistically. Her focused practicing and her interaction with her devoted teacher has made her blossom technically and expressively both as a musician and as an artist student.

This inspiring production is to 
motivate any student who is willing to learn the art of performance.
Student singing and playing at Student Recital 

A student having the time of her life performing in public (singing and playing). The excitement in student’s body language is of high priority to Scaleful Music. Also, we make our own arrangement of song for students based on their current level. This song  "When Christmas Comes To Town" is from the motion picture "The Polar Express."

A Student being accompanied by his teacher
We encourage our students to have fun  every time they are playing the piano even at Student Recitals. Students should be looking forward to their recitals and not be running away from them.
Interaction with the parents and students

Interacting with our students and the parents, prior to the recital, takes away the anxiety that some of our new students may encounter. We make our students feel loved, inspired and motivated.

Progress of some of our students

Our students learn to perform in a short period of time as a result of what we believe to be an effective and self-developed training methods.

A student accompanying a violin teacher

For deserving students and those who work really hard, as part of their training, we usually bring them in contact with professional musicians to play together. This really helps to inspire the students to understand the importance of practicing.

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